Aloe Vera Dental Pastilles

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Aloe Vera Dental Pastilles

ESSENS Aloe Vera Dental Pastilles are a food supplement intended for a gradual dissolution in the mouth, they serve as an addition to dental and oral care. They have anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties and reduce the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth, they work against bad breath and support a proper function of the oral microflora. The pastilles were developed and are manufactured under pharmaceutical supervision, they do not contain sugar, gluten or lactose, are entirely safe and non-addictive.

The pastilles contain suitable combination of natural substances:
Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller comes from organic plantations in Mexico and its extract, used in the pastilles, is highly valued for its strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It contains a mixture of vitamins, minerals, inorganic substances and organic compounds. Active components of the extract help to decrease the reproduction of bacteria.
Vitamin C plays important function in the human body, it is necessary for life and for maintaining healthy body. The lack of vitamin C manifests itself with fatigue, prolonged convalescence, decreased wound healing and decreased resistance to infections. The important role of its function is played during its creation of collagen which supports proper function of teeth and gums.