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ESSENS constantly attracts the best people from all over the world, and who joined us on the 5th and 6th of March  2022 for the premiere of the broadcast, witnessed the largest corporate online event of the year.

Attention, your ticket has a premium value!
It gives you a unique opportunity to learn a lot of interesting information about ESSENS throughout the whole year. 
The E-ticket also serves as a key to the logged-in section on the ESSENS TV platform (essenstv.com), where during March 2022 you will find both ESSENS Kick OFF 2022 and Kick OFF 2021.

And that's not all!
By purchasing an E-ticket, you will receive access to Black Friday discount promos, which we are ready to offer only to members who show an elementary interest in ESSENS.

What can you expect from ESSENS Kick OFF 2022 Education? 
Two amazing days full of the right education, inspiration and motivation.
Don´t forget that constant education will move you one level up and give you the courage to face anything that is coming your way.
Get ready for the challenges, get stronger, more proactive and ahead of the game, because it is never too late.

Todd Falcone - Well known American speaker who is one of the world's leading network marketing trainers, will present two motivational training blocks.
Jiří Šusta - Expert guarantor of ESSENS Keto, one of the leading experts on the concept of ketodiet in the European Union, will present the principles, advice and recipes of the ESSENS Keto product line.
Dominik Janík - Founder and owner of Citya will present an innovative project in the field of mobility.
Michal Kovář - CEO and founder of ESSENS will present the most successful leaders of the past year and announce two attractive challenges bringing an attractive weekend-break and a luxury holiday.

Dabbing is provided in English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French and Czech.
Subtitles are available in German, Polish, Lithuanian, Slovenian and Greek.

Important information:

  • Unique access code is located in the My Office / Tickets. 
  • Video and audio recordings from the premium content of ESSENS Kick OFF is strictly forbidden.